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Meet Janet MacGregor

Meet Janet MacGregor

Janet MacGregor has been an evolving counselor for over 20 years and is an Intuitive, Empath, and Claircognizant Healer dedicated to supporting individuals interested and committed to growing and learning about themselves. She received her Master's degree in Educational Psychology & Counseling from California State University at Northridge and is a certified E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) counselor. Due to her extensive experience as a counselor, Intuitive Empath, and Claircognizant Healer, Janet has created her own technique for helping people who are experiencing frustration and dissatisfaction. She calls it F.E.E.L., which is an acronym for Free Emotional Energy & Liberate. This technique works to release and express those emotions that hold you back, liberating you to achieve your goals through self-awareness and self-expression.

Janet recognizes the client’s innate ability to heal. She does not interpret or pass judgment, but rather acts as a witness and as a guide to facilitate an individual coming home to themselves and their way of being in the world. She holds the space for healing to take place. She has committed her life to helping others, continually expanding her knowledge of healing practices to better serve her clients.


She is honored to work with those that want to make shifts in life, explore old patterns and beliefs that no longer work, and those who seek greater insight and self-awareness.  This is when the magic really begins in one’s life. It is truly amazing what can happen when a person makes a choice to be open to something new.

Every situation and life circumstance can be an unforeseen opportunity. When working with an individual, Janet guides them in understanding next steps, truth and purpose. She also recognizes the importance of the connection and integration of the mind, body and spirit in increasing one’s quality of life!

Clients who want to experience more self-awareness and understanding can find this through intuitive sessions, E.F.T. and F.E.E.L. Janet can support an individual seeking to grow and live more fully, reduce stress or anxiety, manage anger and rage, and cope with major life transitions. She integrates many different modalities in her sessions to fully support her clients in what is needed in the moment.

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What Is Intuitive Couseling?

What Is An Intuitive Counselor?


To understand what an Intuitive Counselor is, let’s look at the definition of each spiritual gift Janet utilizes to deliver excellent therapy for her clients.


Psychic ability is not different than intuition. It is merely the intuitive faculty that has been paid attention to, developed, and honed. It is directed and a conscious use of intuition. Psychic ability appears supernatural because so few people choose to consciously refine and actively use their intuition. Anyone can work to develop their psychic abilities, although some people are naturally gifted in this way, just like others are natural musicians or athletes.


Intuition is always speaking, in every person. It’s the small voice, the hunch, the gut feeling, or the last minute change of mind. However, you have to be listening and then choose to act on that hunch or feeling and then the intuitive guidance is received.


When you know who is calling before you look at your phone, that is intuition. When you have a feeling that you shouldn’t do a particular thing on a particular day, that is intuition. If you know what a friend is going to say before they speak, that too can be called intuition.


An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of feeling those emotions themselves. Empaths see the world differently than other people; they’re keenly aware of others, their pain points, and what they need emotionally.


Being an empath is a soft skill that is needed to work with people and to understand their needs on a higher level. Being an Intuitive Empath Counselor is not only identifying what a client is feeling and then responding to it, it’s understanding how a client is feeling and then addressing the source of that feeling. Being an empath is an important asset because it helps the counselor get to the root problem of client's issues. It’s not a new way of thinking, but a mindful way to approach the conversations that matter.

Claircognizant Healer

Claircognizant individuals are very practical and they enjoy logical thinking and figuring things out left brain style. Because claircognizant individuals are using their “psychic gifts” yet are still very realistic, they are extremely balanced because they naturally combine their spiritual side and physical side which keeps them centered and grounded.


They experience fast downloads of thoughts, and spend their time thinking a lot. People with this gift have the answers and people are drawn to them to help solve something they cannot explain, whether it be a personal issue, a work issue, a logistics issue, or anything really. For someone with claircognizance, intuition and gut feelings are a gift of truth and enables them to be amazing counselors and therapists. They “know” what their clients need and they get to the root of their clients issues much faster than a traditional therapist would, which is paramount for mental health and overall well-being.

A healer “sees” the person as a whole greater than the sum of their parts. The healer’s job is to help remove energy blocks for an individual’s growth. Energy Healing has been around forever and is one of the most ancient healing techniques you can use to keep your body in a balanced and healthy state. Janet is extremely gifted at E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and F.E.E.L. (Free Emotional Energy & Liberate). She uses her rare talents to uncover the truth of what is causing you pain.

Just like the roots of the oak tree, there are many things beneath the surface that you cannot see that are affecting you every day. Whether it be fear, guilt, or lack of self-worth, Janet will work with you to find the root cause of your issues. Uncovering the emotions that drive your behaviors can finally help you feel liberated and free.

Combining all these gifts and talents is what makes Janet's style of counseling unique, and enhances your healing experience. By utilizing her intuitive guidance, she seeks to help you make better decisions in your life. Janet will help guide you in the right direction so you can fulfill your dreams and goals. After her sessions, healing and helping you gives her the most joy in life and her passion is to see her clients flourish and grow!



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  • Helps manage stress and cope with stressful situations

  • Induce relaxation

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Reduces depression

  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Increases mental clarity



  • Increases intuition

  • Ignites spiritual evolution and personal growth

  • Balances energy

  • Enhances personal insight

  • Heals, balances, and clears chakras

  • Elevates life experiences

  • Supports development of personal essence/path/deepest intentions

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  • Relieving stress helps heart health

  • Can lower stress hormone cortisol 

  • Improved sleep 

  • Getting to the root of issues can help weight loss

  • Strengthen Immune System

Clifftop Yoga


  • Brings a sense of peace, calmness, and overall emotional wellness

  • Heals and releases emotional wounds

  • Resolves/transforms relationships with problematic people or situations

  • Opens up blocked energy

  • Promotes a sense of grounding

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Take A Leap!

Start your journey and break out of your comfort zone! Schedule your appointment today and give a gift to yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

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