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Free Emotional Energy & Liberate

What Is FEEL?

What Is F.E.E.L.?

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F.E.E.L. is an acronym for Free Emotional Energy & Liberate and is an emotional energy release therapy. We are emotional creatures, and we were born to express emotions freely and openly. Somewhere along the way, however, many of us learned to repress emotions, especially those deemed “negative,” in order to fit in, earn love, and be accepted. Some people have learned to bury their pain deep inside, feeling invisible, ashamed, angry, alone, and unable to ask for what they need. Trying to hide the pain, from others and yourself, builds walls, puts on masks, and creates a buildup of suppressed emotional energy.

F.E.E.L. sessions will help you begin to heal so you can live your best life. Healing is a taxing process. Remember to give yourself all the care and compassion you would give to a friend doing this hard work. Offer yourself understanding, love, and care. This is hard work, and you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

Trapped emotions get in our way. They sabotage our efforts to create the life we want and make us miserable along the way. Freeing this emotional energy stuck in our bodies can shift our lives in a positive way. It’s healing and liberating. And you are worth it!


Feel to Heal

What Does FEEL Do?

What Does F.E.E.L. Do?

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Gold Tree Transparent 12.png

With F.E.E.L., you will learn to allow your emotions to come to the surface, if only for a brief time, then surround it with tender love and care. Your emotions are part of you and during these sessions you will face them head on.

You will learn to sense into your body, little by little, as the act of reconnecting with your physical sensations is very powerful. The only way out is through the body, so in order to move the stuck emotions that have a tight grip over you, you must allow and accept them and feel the anger, the shame, the grief.

You will learn to give your inner self the support you never received. You will learn to listen and to validate all of your emotions and help yourself let go of them. You can learn to love and accept yourself.

During your session you will practice Mindfulness to get better at recognizing your feelings and observing the bodily sensations connected to those feelings as they come and go during your session and even throughout the day after your session is over. Offer yourself compassion as you go through these more difficult emotions.


By using deep breathing techniques you will be able to access repressed emotions and release them. The release is extremely beneficial and aids in emotional healing and finding a balance. During this process, you will free the poisonous emotion that you carried within yourself, and free yourself from its shackles.

After your session is over you may want to keep a journal of how you feel. Writing is one of the best forms of acknowledging emotional healing and can be very therapeutic in itself. The process of self-discovery, reconnecting with our true self, and processing our deepest feelings and emotions can be the catalyst for true change.

"The truth is, we all hide our emotions occasionally. We pretend, avoid, and deny uncomfortable emotions in an effort of self-preservation, as a defense mechanism."

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Why Is FEEL Needed?

Why Is F.E.E.L. Needed?

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Gold Tree Transparent 12.png

Repressed emotions can bubble up to the surface as growing angst and creeping depression. Repressed emotions and memories can also manifest physically with symptoms being C-PTSD, chronic back pain, sciatica, headaches, anxiety and much more.

People will sometimes try to hide from their emotional pain by distracting themselves with television, books, music, or academics. However, usually the fear of emotions is more painful than the actual expression of them. You are strong enough to face them, you don’t have to hide. FEEL is a resource that allows you to finally face the pain that used to overwhelm you and begin the process of healing.

The truth is, we all hide our emotions occasionally. We pretend, avoid, and deny uncomfortable emotions in an effort of self-preservation, as a defense mechanism. We do this most often with difficult emotions like shame, fear, or anger. When we experience events that emotionally overwhelm us and we’re unable to process what is happening, accept our emotions, and express them through our body and mind, we hide them deep inside us where others can’t see them. Yet, they’re still there.

The unresolved emotions get trapped in our body where they build and fester, draining our energy, leading to burnout, emotional imbalance, and eventually disease. When we chronically repress emotions, we create toxicity in our body, mind, and heart. This unprocessed emotional energy is stored in our organs, muscles, and tissues. It leads to inflammation and chronic health problems, and it undermines our overall well-being.

The opposite of repression is expression. In order to process our emotional distress and move it through and out of our body so it doesn’t get stuck there, we need to learn to express our emotions in a healthy way, in the body and mind. But first, we need to learn to recognize and accept our feelings as they come and go.

We have to FEEL IT  TO HEAL IT, we have to fully experience the emotion in order to process and integrate it into our experience, but we must feel it in the body.  This is the critical point. If the process of including difficult emotions in awareness stops at the level of cognitive understanding without a fully embodied experience, the genuine acceptance, insight, and inner freedom that are the essence of true healing will not be complete.

F.E.E.L. Steps

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Realize You Want Help

The first step is realizing that you want to change. Reach out to Janet and she will help you overcome those painful emotions holding you back. 

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Recognize Your Emotions

The challenge is to recognize the emotion and feel it in your body. This is where mindfulness comes in. The goal is to notice what is happening within our body, accept it, and feel it fully, without judgment.

Recognize, allow, investigate, and nourish (with self-compassion), and it directly de-conditions the habitual ways in which you resist your moment-to-moment experience.

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Release Your Emotions

During this step you will sit still for few minutes with your eyes closed. Listen to your body and become curious. What does your body feel like right now? Is there any pressure or tingling? Where? Do you feel heavy, hot, contracted, warm, or cold? What is the texture, weight, and shape of sensations you notice in your body? What emotions are those sensations connected to? Can you breathe into the parts that call your attention? What do those parts of your body want to tell you? What do they want?

During this step, with Janet's guidance, you will begin to break free of your negative emotions and start the healing process! 

FEEL Steps
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